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A two week trip and back to Hell with me...

Jul. 10th, 2006 | 05hh19mina7
location: Iraq
Feelin: contentcontent
music: Jimmy Eat World ~ Polaris

the 17th of June, I embarked on a trip back to the states, for my two weeks of R&R, they were amazing, mainly because I was able to see my fiance' Heather, and the amazing house that she and her family has been working so hard to make nice for us. I saw my puppy dog, my family and friends, and there were some rough spots in the road, but for the most part, they have been paved over. I love my Heather, and I know she is havin a hard time with me being gone, Hell im havin a hard time being gone. I was in the airport in Atlanta, waiting to board a plane back here, thinking, "ah I cant wait to go home to my girl, my pup, and my wonderful house." That thought fleeted rather quickly, it made me incredibly sad. I miss home, but I know that I now have less than 3 months before Im back in my sweethearts arms, I cant wait. I know she is a tough soldier, just like her man, and is suck'en it up and driven on until I get back. I love her for her determination and her amazing will power. I don't give her enough credit, and I wish that I could shout to the world how I love her so. It was good to be home, but I think it was more torture, knowing I had to come back here, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love my Heahter, my family, and my friends. I will see ya'll again real soon. Out,


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Ghosts of the past, and demons of the Present.

Jun. 11th, 2006 | 05hh19mina6

Tonight, 6 more days until I fly out from here, excited as a little kid on Christmas, I learn some information that just brought a crashing halt to my world. I found out, that my (family) of friends, the old core, is falling apart. This saddens me greatly. I look on my bro Andy's blog and see pics of my bros' in action. I see them, they make me smile, and sad.

I see things that remind me of my past, good times, stupid times, times where a life lesson has been learned. I have learned something new tonight that is beyond my reach as of right now, but not for much longer. I have learned a great of many things that sadden me. I have learned of my friends making past mistakes that I have made, and doing other things, just for the interests of another gender.

I want to let these individuals know, that they are unwelcome with me until I have had a talk, and I pray that's the only thing it comes to. I am giving forwarning to you all. I know the horrors you've been though, and I want to help you through them. Either with words or fists, and these are not idle threats.

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Howdy Ya'll

May. 21st, 2006 | 05hh19mina5

How is everyone back home? Good I hope. I miss ya'll and its less than 4 weeks now for me to come home!!! I cant wait. I just made a my space page, look for my name as, Jase Brown. That way all you cool cats can add me. My roomies convinced me to do it. My folks went over to me and Heathers place to see it. I hope they liked it. I miss her and cant wait to see her!!!! She has been doin so much work around the house and with her new job. I feel like shit for not doin anything. I wish I could be there. I miss her. Not much else goin on. Drop me a line fellas, and gals, and my sweetheart. I miss yall


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A new day, a new kinda heat

May. 15th, 2006 | 05hh19mina5

Hey ya'll. Notta lot goin on here. My roomie went to Kuwatit to get surgery on his foot, I hope he gets back. I am now startin second shift instead of my usual first. I dont like it to much, but it makes it easier to call home and get on the net. Notta goin on here, I know I said that but its the truth. JUNE 17, I SAY AGAIN, JUNE 17, THE USA WILL BE ATTACKED, by who you ask? By me! Yup that is my leave date. I hope to be home by the 20th and spend my two weeks at home with the love of my life Heather, who btw has a job at Lowes in Muncie now, see my family and friends. I cant wait, Ive been in this heat and damn country way too long. Did you know the army has the longest single deployments? The Navy is 4 months, the airforst is anywehre from 4-6 months, and the marines are usually 7 months, aint that some shit? mines about 14, well hell. No matter, got a house, got my loving bride to be, even got a dog, who's breed is lost to me, but Im sure ill love it just the same. other than that, leme know whats up at home. Take it easy, I know im tryin to.


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Man it's a hot one, like 7 inches from the miday sun

May. 7th, 2006 | 05hh19mina5
Feelin: hothot
music: Hot Hot Heat ~ The middle of nowhere

Hey ya'll, not a lot goin on, just hot our here. Notta lot goin out here. Me and Heather got a puppy dog!!!!! its a minature schnazure with a dechsuan it sounds cute although I havent seen it yet. House is done, and heather is moved into the house. I cant wait to come and see it and live in it!! I miss heather lots and lots. I heard Jubal was goin to idaho, thats coo, I would wrestle bears too. Still not a definate date on me comin home, but it should be out tomorrow they said. Just watchin some Harry Potter 4. I started the davinci code and it sems to be a pretty good book so far. Notta a lot of new material to read out here. Thats all for now, lemme know whats up.


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Bad Omens

Apr. 29th, 2006 | 05hh19mina4

Hey ya'll, the past couple days have been pretty warm out here. Im pretty much back on JDC now, and that means workin in the sun. For right now though, Im stll in the motor pool. Finals are bout done back home right? Prolly wondering about the title of this entry, its just, I have a bad feeling today that somthing is just gunna go wrong, I wish i knew what, but I cant put my finger on it. Im usually such an opptimist, but right now, i cant be. Gotta call Heather tonight, although I guess I said Friday when I said, the end of the week. I dunno, if i keep goin on this im just gunna mope and be dull, so thats all I gotta say I reckon.


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For Heather...

Apr. 26th, 2006 | 05hh19mina4
Feelin: calmcalm

aAI find myself standing on the horizon of the world,
I only seek what my heart tells me to,
At this point, I have the enitire world at my fingertips,
I can have anything or anyone, my desires and dreams are limitless,
While the body toils from the earth, I saw her,
I saw the one who took me from my labor, who raised me up
Equalibrium is what I now seek with it,
The peaceful balance of Love and Hate,
That balance is peace and happiness,
I find it with her, we even can go beyond it all
But we can cast each other down again into the murk of pain and sorrow,
To only know pain is Hell, and to be ignorant is worse,
A path will blaze before us to shape what we will of the future,
For I know, even with the world so near, so close I can take it,
It is not what I seek, it is not what I love,
It is her that I love, that I seek, that I wish to make happy,
We will never die, we will live on, into other lives, or worlds,
For there are other worlds than this,
No matter how far we travel, the space or distance between us will bow down,
And we will cast our shadows upon it and turn away, for our love knows no bounds,
Our love is eternal, through Heaven and Hell, I love her.

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The Olympics are done, and my feet are killin me

Apr. 24th, 2006 | 05hh19mina4

Well we are now done with our week long warrior olympics. I have to say that they were fun, but man my body is beat the hell up. Between the PT test in body armor, water survival, and the six mile ruk march, my feet are ready to just fall off. We came in 5th outa 9th, not to bad, but the scores were really close, but we all had a lot of fun doin it. I am now over the halfway mark, and I am comin home in June! I cant wait. Me and Heather's house is done! I love it!!! I can't wait to move in it with her, I love her lots. Been playin a lot of HALO 2 here, we got a system link up and have gotten 12 people on it. Lemme tell ya, some of these guys just have to much time on their hands and are way to good. Other than that, the weather is like being on Hell's personal spit, and the dust, I might as well be in d'Resh, inside joke for all you loser folk. That's about it that I gotta report here, Hows it goin at home? Lemme know, Im out, gotta go to work.


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The Olympics, only for us warriors

Apr. 14th, 2006 | 05hh19mina4

Hile all,

Not all goin on here. aside from the everlastng downward spiral that is my life. Been lots of attacks here lately. Been hot as hell here lately. And today I gotta ruck 6 miles in like 90 degress plus weather. Good stuff. Been taking classes, emailing the bros back. Trying to call the family but the insergents musta hit a satilite in space or somthin cuz the connection was horrible. The house is coming along great, but I hate not bein there to help, Heather and her parents are really doing an amazing job. I miss home, and I miss Heather, and my family, and bros. *Sigh* Just did 20 push ups for smartin off, but time to go back to work. Catch everyone on the flip side.


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I'm the weapon of mass destruction in Iraq right now

Apr. 12th, 2006 | 05hh19mina4
Feelin: enragedenraged
music: Du Hast ~ Ramstien

Well I am now pissed the fuck off beyond all fucking belief. I think I am going to kill every single person here, I dont give a fuck who they are. I check the leave roster for May, the month I requested. And wouldncha know it, IM NOT THE FUCK ON THERE!!!! I hate life, I fucking hate this company to where 12 higher enlisted people get to go before me, what the fuck is that? Im gunna fucking just murder. I dont know what to do. *sigh* I dont know what to do now. I dont know when Im going on leave, Im prolly gunna not get to go until till fucking August or something fucking gay like that. Im just gunna die. I just hate.

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