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A new day, a new kinda heat

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May. 15th, 2006 | 05hh19mina5

Hey ya'll. Notta lot goin on here. My roomie went to Kuwatit to get surgery on his foot, I hope he gets back. I am now startin second shift instead of my usual first. I dont like it to much, but it makes it easier to call home and get on the net. Notta goin on here, I know I said that but its the truth. JUNE 17, I SAY AGAIN, JUNE 17, THE USA WILL BE ATTACKED, by who you ask? By me! Yup that is my leave date. I hope to be home by the 20th and spend my two weeks at home with the love of my life Heather, who btw has a job at Lowes in Muncie now, see my family and friends. I cant wait, Ive been in this heat and damn country way too long. Did you know the army has the longest single deployments? The Navy is 4 months, the airforst is anywehre from 4-6 months, and the marines are usually 7 months, aint that some shit? mines about 14, well hell. No matter, got a house, got my loving bride to be, even got a dog, who's breed is lost to me, but Im sure ill love it just the same. other than that, leme know whats up at home. Take it easy, I know im tryin to.


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from: kris8623
date: May. 16th, 2006 05hh19mina5 (UTC)

Dude... that's bad-ass that you're coming back during the month of my birth. I hope to see you while you're here. Your new icon totally pwned me when I saw it. Stare! Hmm... what's new... nothing. I got a raise at work. That's. about. it. I heard from Ridiculous that your dog's name is Sammy. I like it. When you get back we should get tatted up. We could get fatted up as well if you'd like.. I'll leave that one up to you.

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Re: NnnuuuUUUCEE!!!

from: steelsoldier
date: May. 20th, 2006 05hh19mina5 (UTC)

I hate you for taking the next title of my post away from me. Friggin Nuce... aight we can get some tats and fats, or whatever. Cool about the raise, keep in touch g. STARE!!!!!

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